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What's Here

Welcome to www.michaelwalters.com. It is my way of trying to share some of the experience gained in more than forty years as a financial journalist, many as former deputy city editor and resident share tipster on the Daily Mail.

Along the way, I have written a string of books. My aim has always been to help hack a way through the share jungle, and to make sense of it for small investors especially since I am one myself.

The site carries general market comments, share recommendations, and assorted investment topics. They pop up on the home page as I write them, and an e-mail alert usually - not always goes out to subscribers when a new one is posted.

This is supported by a terrific bulletin board, created by a savvy set of subscribers. All are encouraged to post, using any name they wish, though members must stick to investment-related topics. I moderate the board, and contribute where I can help. I delete or edit obscene or irrelevant posts, or any mindless ramping or de-ramping. I reserve the right to terminate, without compensation, the membership of any who post abusive or unacceptable comments. It rarely happens.

Many reckon the board is the best part of the site, fully worth the subscription alone. I recommend the most interesting posts, and they get a big black tick. Members can recommend posts themselves, check who has recommended what, and do all sorts of clever things which I barely understand. There is more about this under "Preferences" on the bulletin board heading.

You can search my archives by going to the box at the bottom left of the home page. Simply type in the name of the company or the EPIC code, and hit the button. There is a similar company search facility on the top right of the bulletin board. You can also search for other posts by the same author by clicking on the author 's name. Because of technical problems, the bb archive does not go back too far. My archives bore on for years.

Always hit the search button on the front page if there is any company which interests you. Through the years, there have been reports on many companies - and dodgy investment houses. You never know what you will find.

I do not tip shares to fill space, but only because I think I have found a winner. I make no improbable boasts about performance. There have been great winners, and some sorry losers but the stop loss strategy ought to have stopped most from hurting too much.

I am devoted to the stop loss strategy. You can read how it works by hitting the stop loss button in the column on the left of the front page.

Because this is virtually a one-man site, with help from my wife Maggie and my son Daniel, it creaks from time to time. We do what we can, and if some parts do not always work, we try to fix them. There are no guarantees, though, except that we always try our best.

This is a real investment community, a friendly place for like-minded investors to help each other.

You can read a selection of recent articles from the free section of the site by clicking on the list on the right. Current reports are only available to members, which also allows you to read anbd post on the bulletin board. The annual subscription is just 75 pounds.

Thank you for visiting the site and good luck.

Mike Walters

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