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Terms and Conditions

. No advice shall be given on matters of taxation or law.

. Michaelwalters.com may provide investment advice through the media in UK investments quoted on the London Stock Exchange and such other investments as Michaelwalters.com may from time to time consider suitable.

. Michaelwalters.com shall not be responsible for monitoring any portfolio(s) or the suitability of any investment on an ongoing basis.

. Michaelwalters.com shall take reasonable care in giving investment advice. All advice is given on the basis of best information normally available to Michaelwalters.com.

. Michaelwalters.com may not be suitable for all investors. If in doubt, you should seek independent financial advice. Share prices, values and income can fall as well as rise and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Michaelwalters.com accepts no liability for any price movements.

. You should note that there is an extra risk of losing money in shares of some smaller companies including penny shares. There may be a big difference between the buying and the selling price of such shares, and the price might change quickly. If they have to be sold immediately, you may get back less than you paid for them.

. Should you wish to make a complaint, this should be made by e-mail to tip@mikewalters.com or in writing to Michaelwalters.com at Laddingford Croft, Nr. Yalding, Kent, ME18 6BJ.

A customer complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction with the offered service provided by www.michaelwalters.com. Other matters raised by subscribers - a request for extra services on the site, a disagreement over investment strategy or specific shares, for instance, will NOT be considered as an FSA complaint. They may be considered and discussed as part of the future of the service at the discretion of www.michaelwalters.com.

If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the subscriber immediately, a formal response letter will be sent or e-mailed to you within ten business days.

The complaint will be logged The information will include the date your complaint was received, your name, and the nature of the complaint, which we will investigate. The complaints log will contain the whole history of the complaint and be maintained for FSA inspection for three years . We will respond to your complaint within a further ten business days. If we feel your complaint about the service is justified we may offer to cancel and repay the outstanding amount of your annual subscription if we cannot satisfy it in any other way.

In any case, you will be advised of your right to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service within 6 months of the date of the letter and an explanatory leaflet on the Service will be included.

. Should Michaelwalters.com provide you with advice in an investment in which Michaelwalters.com has a mutual interest, or where it would give rise to a conflict of interest, Michaelwalters.com will either disclose this interest to you or decline to provide advice in this investment.

. Michaelwalters.com is governed by English Law.


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