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How to Subscribe to This Site

If you wish to join, please complete this online form and send it electronically by hitting the send button. As soon as I see it, I will be able to log you in. Then use the username and password you have chosen to access the site. When you are up and running, I would be grateful if you would send a cheque or bank transfer for the 75pounds annual subscription.

Cheques should be made out to www.michaelwalters.com, and sent to Laddingford Croft, Nr. Yalding, Kent, ME18 6BJ.
Please put your name or email address on the cheque or the transfer form. I am sorry, but I cannot accept credit cards.
For bank information click here

You can renew using the same details. All renewal subscriptions are unchanged at your original joining rate, a token reward for loyalty. We operate on the basis of mutual trust, and rely on subscribers to remember what to pay. If you cannot remember, email Maggie@maggiedrummond.com and we will search our records.

Newcomers are always welcome, but please understand that this site is geared to helping you make the most of your investment money. There are no promises of regular tips, no flashy performance claims. When I think it right to sit in cash, I say so. No point in pumping money into a falling market.

The site mixes share recommendations, strategic market advice, and regular updates on companies we follow. It has the best and brightest bulletin board. I contribute to it regularly, and edit out the rubbish which spoils so many boards. We have developed a community of friends, seeking to exchange ideas for our mutual benefit.

I make no promises about how much I write, or how often. Each year, I plan to do less, and fail. I watch the site most days, writing on the board frequently, and sending out two to four reports for maybe 46 weeks of the year though I want to do less.

Each year, no matter how hard I try, I hit a few losers as well as winners. So I lay great emphasis on a stop loss policy, and on timing sales. A good proportion of my ideas do well, but some slip back later. So selling well is vital. It is important in volatile markets to take profits and move on. You can read a special section on the stop loss by clicking on the menu on the front page.

I do not accept advertisements, or pass details of subscribers to anyone. I buy shares I recommend when I have the cash, but do not buy ahead of my initial report, and declare it whenever I write about shares my wife Maggie or I hold. I reserve the right to sell without notice in accordance with my stop loss policy. If I simply change my view of the company, I do not sell without first notifying subscribers of that change.

Buying and selling shares is gambling. There are no certainties. All I can guarantee is that I try to run a site with integrity, serious about the small investor.

Best wishes and good luck.

Mike Walters


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