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Share Tips and stock market news from ex Daily Mail journalist Michael Walters. This subscription website features share tips and a bulletin board for UK small investors interested in playing the stock market. Risk Warning: Buying shares is gambling, and can damage your wealth. Share prices may rise, fall or crash. Only use money you can afford to lose. We strive to be honest and fair, but accept no responsibility for errors or omissions. Do not rely for help on any regulator should you suffer from crooks, cheats or conmen. For further risk warnings, click here
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Yule Logging
Pantheon making progress.
Disko Lights
Jay moving on Disko.
Deja Vu Santa Jay
Santa Jay comes bearing presents.
Gilt-Edged Income
Our regular high return favourite.
Bitcoin Barmy, Crypto Crazy
Should you join the Bitcoin bandwagon?
Watch and Wait
Georgian progress.
Over and Out
Cut your losses in Accrol.
Tonnel Vision
Tonnes more at Bluejay.
Sorry, I'll Read That Again
Hope springs...
Chinese Take-away
A new Bluejay presentation.
Bulletin Board
bazboy.. ii not upto speed yet until tomorrow !
Caledonia Mining- Could be worth a look
Brief update on front page (nm)
Box only taking 3 digits for accumulator

What's Going On?  
Updating Bluejay.

Cash Flow Coming  
All going well at Pantheon.

Bang On Target  
Solid supermarket returns.

Eden Gets Growing  
Eden's half-year profit.

Eyes on the Prize  
Better prospects at Pantheon.

Big Beasts at Bluejay  
Strong support for Bluejay.

Bear Trap  
Shorts down and stumbling.

Happy Valentine  
Waiting for BNN.


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